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Aimlessness and Roosters

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Roosters If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page, you may have seen that we are in the process of moving and buying a house. The house we are buying is going to... READ MORE

More Shopping Options

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Did you know that I have an additional shop on a website called I have uploaded some of my designs on a number of products that I can’t make myself but want... READ MORE

Space and Grace

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Have you noticed how many books and blog posts and articles have been written lately about downsizing, living intentionally, decluttering, and living a more simplified life? Then there are all the tiny house fans and minimalists... READ MORE

Little Bluebird Market

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I want to invite you all to come over and join my new private, VIP group on Facebook called The Little Bluebird Market! It is a place to browse the newest artwork by me, Amanda Hilburn,... READ MORE

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