News From the Nest

Painted Rocks

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Painting rocks and hiding them all over town has become a VERY popular pastime in our area! I mean, people are serious about this painted rock finding thing, y’all! LOL I have painted... READ MORE

T-Shirts and Pillows!!!

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Unique Gifts: T-shirts and Pillows     I’ve learned a new skill and I’m using it to make you all some really fun and useful items! I’ve had pillows for a while, but... READ MORE

Freebies and Favorites

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Free Pretties to Print and Lessons I have a couple of new offerings for you here in The Little Bluebird Gallery! I have been so blessed by others who share their talents online... READ MORE

Free Mixed Media Tutorial

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Adding Words To A Mixed Media Painting This is the bonus video that comes with my full eCourse, Little White Chapel. I thought you might like to see a little sample of what... READ MORE

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