A $2 Fixer Upper Project

We are a Goodwill shopping, thrift store browsing, craft store loving kind of family. We frequent our local thrifty stores, and this week I found these metal tv trays for $.99 each! (New project!!!!)  I knew I already had supplies at home to fix them up, so buying them was sort of a no brainer. 🙂

TV Tray Fixer UpperThe first thing I did was take them outside and spray paint the legs white.

TV Tray Legs Painted White

I took my scrapbook paper stash and began looking for a good pattern that matched out living area.

Which Pattern Did I Choose?

The barn wood floral seemed to be the best choice, so I began cutting the paper to fit the top of the tray. Once I got all of the pieces trimmed to the right size, I covered the top of the tray with outdoor Mod Podge and simply laid the paper on top of it.

Mod Podge On TopBeing careful to smooth the bubbles out as I went, I added all of the paper to the top and then went back over it all with 2 more coats of Mod Podge.

I didn’t like the look of the white legs so much so I decided to take a piece of sand paper and take off a bit of the white paint. These legs were gold to begin with, so that little bit of gold showing through the white made me happy 🙂

Distressed EdgesIt only took about an hour to get to this point, and it was super easy to do this! Here’s a photo of it beside our couch. I love how shabby chic it looks!

Shabby Chic TV TrayI let them dry overnight, but the top is still tacky so I searched the internet and found that all Mod Podge except the Hard Coat version dries with a bit of tackiness. So….I am going to add a layer of polyurethane to make it sleek, shiny, and waterproof.

Do you like to turn trash into treasures? I’d love to hear about some of your updates!