A Few More Updates on the House

We are still making changes to the house a little at a time. I was going 90 to nothin’ for a while, but have started slowing down a little bit. I have made it to a point now that I can chill a little and work on painting canvases instead of walls.

By the way….if you didn’t know this already, paint is amazing! It is a very thrifty way to completely change the look of anything…a table, a chair, a fireplace, a whole room!! I am still totally shocked by how different rooms in this house look with just a new paint color!

Here are a few more rooms that have been updated.

Hall Bathroom

This room had two layers of wallpaper and two layers of wall paper border. We got the first layer off using  a putty knife and a mixture of hot water and fabric softener in a spray bottle. The second layer was a JOKE! It was determined to remain on the wall, so I just textured over it with joint compound and painted it! The walls were already textured UNDER that second layer of wallpaper, so I didn’t have much choice. It turned out better than I had expected since this was my first experience with removing wallpaper and using joint compound to texture a wall!







The Utility Room

Y’all…this room was just so gross. It wasn’t really a “priority” room, but I couldn’t stand it any longer! It was ugly, smelly, and had some weird places on the wall where someone had splattered watercolor paint.  I can’t even look at the before picture without cringing……ewwwww! We used an entire gallon of primer on this room. I wanted to try for a whitewashed look and thought I would use this room to experiment. It took more paint that expected, but it looks (and smells) so much better!!!!!






I’m not going to even pretend that I know what I am doing with all of these updates, y’all! Most of what we have done so far has been a huge learning experience for all of us! But that’s what’s so great! We are all learning how do things that we didn’t know how to do before! We’ve removed wall paper, painted, primed, textured, wired, scraped, cleaned, sawed, hammered, measured, and made it what we want it to be!

I want to encourage you! If there is something in your home that you’d like to change….DO IT! You can do it! Just look it up online and learn how! Yeah…you may mess it up, but you can fix it! Go for it! It’s totally worth it!!