Aged Effects With Watercolors

Aged Effects

I’ve been experimenting with watercolors and diluted acrylic paints this week. I love the aged effects I can get with watercolors. I’ve always enjoyed trying to make my pieces appear to be a bit antiquated or shabby, and watercolor allows me to do that on a whole new level!

Take a look at the backgrounds on these new pieces. See how well the watercolors make it appear to be aged? I love that quality!




Vintage Rooster cropped wm

I also love how the colors bleed into one another. You really don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out until it dries! That’s a challenge, but it’s exciting!

Vintage Rooster2 WM cropped piece

I’ve also done some new things with diluted acrylics and THAT is amazing to work with! I love the control I have with it!

I did this piece using watercolors and diluted acrylics. The jar, for example is diluted acrylic paint and the color is so vivid! I really enjoyed creating this piece.

Pears and Asters

I hope you like this new style! I really enjoy creating pieces in this way and plan to continue to do more. I’ve got several new originals and prints available in The Little Bluebird Gallery, if you’d like to browse. Just click on this link to see what’s new: Shop In The Little Bluebird Gallery