What Art Can Do For You: Part 3 (Force you to learn to say no or say yes)

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You Can Do Anything but Not Everything This is a print of my original mixed media piece calling us all to slow down. Exclusively found at The Little Bluebird Gallery | Art by Amanda Hilburn #girlart #art #quote #inspirationalgirlart

You can do anything but not everything!

Saying no can be a real problem for many of us. I know it is for me, and yet this is another lesson that I have been forced to learn because of art. Putting myself out there and opening up to the world has forced me to say no to some things and say yes to others.

In the beginning of this art journey, I was open to trying everything! I was excited about every little opportunity that came my way. But saying yes to every opportunity will eventually wear you out. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job on it’s on. Then add homeschooling to that and you’ve got overtime hours for sure. So, when I threw a side business selling original art, prints, and painting classes in the mix….Whew! There weren’t enough hours in each day!  There will always be clothes to wash, grades to write down, orders to fill, and meals to prepare. And what makes it even harder is that all of these are good things! They are all things I want to do, and I don’t want to give ANY of them up! So, I’ve had to learn to say no to some good things and do my best to choose the more excellent things. Sometimes the dishes pile up, and that’s okay. Sometimes dust accumulates, but it’s not gonna kill us. Sometimes emails have to wait, and customers are usually very understanding.  It really boils down to making daily choices. Every day I have to decide what’s really needed and do those things.  I have to remind myself that I can do anything but not everything. Learning to say no has been quite a challenge.

On the other hand, saying yes can also be hard! Actually, it may be more of a challenge for me to learn to say yes to some things than say no. I’m not a risk taker by nature, and I’ve had to learn to step out of my comfort zone to do some things that I would never have done on my own before I began sharing my art with the world. I am an introvert and don’t like to be the center of attention, but it’s kind of hard to have a public business without drawing some attention to yourself. It takes courage to step out of your area of safety, but the magic usually happens outside of your comfort zone….or so they say. Learning to say yes can be a challenge, but it’s worth it! In this great big world of opportunity, you really can do anything…..but not everything 🙂


Here’s a little time lapse video of me creating this mixed media girl. The print is available in my shop! I hope it helps you to give  yourself permission to believe in yourself and also give yourself some grace.


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