20 Must Have Artist Gifts

Everyone loves to give and get gifts during the Christmas season. But, not everyone knows what to get for their artist family members.

And, with all the different types of paints, mediums, canvases, and brushes it’s no wonder. For those new to art, or on the outside looking in it can be quite confusing.

That is why I’ve gathered a list of 25 must-have gifts for artists. Whether you are buying for a friend, or you want to share with your spouse, this list makes it easy to give and get just what you are looking for.

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20 Needed Artist Gifts

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1- Large Easel

This large easel is easy to use, but accommodates canvases up to 48″. Yet it’s collapsible and can be stored in a small space.

2- Palette Knife

If you’ve been following me for very long at all you know that my most favorite painting tool is a palette knife. This set comes with all the sizes you need to paint a variety of lines, shapes, and textures.

3- Heavy Bodied Paint Set: Liquitex

Of all the paints out there, heavy bodied acrylic paint is just the right texture. Because the heavy bodied paint has a thicker consistency you have more control for placement and spreading of the paint. This 6-pack set offers a great way to get started or fill-up your most used colors.

4- Liquitex Soft Bodied Paint Set

These soft bodied paints blend well and can be used with a thicker bodied paint to mix colors and making for a wider variety of hues.

5- Paint Markers

These water based acrylic paint markers work as excellent companions to acrylic paint. Works on many surfaces from canvas, to wood, to fabric, you’ll find them to be a useful addition to your art studio.

6- Palette Paper

Palette paper makes it easy to mix paints with simple, easy clean-up. The paper is poly-coated, and is great for mixing acrylics or oils. When your done, simply throw it away.

7- Brush Organizer

An artist’s studio can quickly become cluttered. This brush organizer gives you a convenient way to store your brushes, or palette knives and still keep them on-hand, near your workspace.

8- Air Tight Palette

Paints can get expensive when you buy so many pretty colors! But, it can be super frustrating when your paint dries out on your palette. This air tight palette keeps your paint fresh when you need to step away from the painting easel.

9- Soft Bodied Iridescent Paint

Add a little glitter and shimmer to your artwork with iridescent soft-bodied acrylic paint.

10- Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are a wonderful medium for developing bright hues that you can shape into any form on paper or even canvas. Use with an oil medium to spread the color and paint your art.

11. Colored Pencils

Sketching is made easy when using colored pencils. Use these high quality artist colored pencils to sketch out your under layers, plan out your color blocking, or use them as your main medium in a mixed media piece. They are versatile enough for artists of all skill levels.

12- Creative Palette Knife Set

Add unique marks, and textures to your canvas paintings with this creative palette knife set.

13- Mark Making Tools

This mark making set offers a wide variety of ways to create texture on your paintings. Works well with heavy bodied paints, and even with ceramics and clays. You’ll find they will quickly become an all purpose tool for getting a good amount of paint on a canvas quickly. Then use the textured sides to develop lines and shapes in your work.

14- Gel Printing Plate

Another great way to add texture is with printing plates. Use them to add texture to bits of paper. These are great to use with print-making. But, you can also think outside the box too. Press into acrilycs on your canvas to add some unexpected pops of texture to any part of the canvas.

15- Light Ring

A light ring that can be used with your cell phone camera is great for being able to take beautiful, high quality, photos of your gorgeous art. It’s also a great light to use over your work space if you are working at night or in a room that is not well lit.

16- Paint Organizer 

A great way to keep your paint tubes organized is with a canvas organizer. You can hang it in the studio, or roll it up and take it along for an afternoon of painting at the beach or a park near your home.

17- Watercolors

Watercolors are so pretty. And the colors are lovely. Add this set to your artist toolkit for painting in the studio or on the go.

18- Bob Ross T-Shirt

Wearable inspiration. Everyone loves Bob Ross and his happy little trees. It motivates us, and encourages us to not be afraid to try. Grab this inspirational t-shirt for yourself, or your family.

19- Bob Ross Figurine 

A fun addition to any artist studio is a Bob Ross figurine. It’ll help you remember that painting is fun. But, you’ll also be inspired by this figurine that reminds us that we can make the most of happy accidents.

20- Mixed Media Notebook

Ideal for both acrylic and watercolor, this heavy mixed media notebook allows you to add layers of paper with glue, or gel medium to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


What are your favorite artist tools?