Beverly’s Story

Today I want you to meet Beverly Parsneau. Her experience with how art can heal is just amazing!


Here’s Beverly’s Story…

I’m a retired middle school art teacher of 32 years. My husband and I always had creative projects going and a small business selling our crafts. After retirement in 2012 we had expectations of growing our art business and spending more time together but he passed away suddenly in 2013.I was devastated and had a case of PTSD. I was lost. To make a long story shorter my nephew and I found a little shop on Main Street and decided to try to keep on creating and keep that dream alive. It was a big step and outside my comfort zone! But we did it. My motto became to “do something creative every day”. And slowly I started getting lost in my paintings looking for some happy and was pulled out of a very dark place. When customers come into our shop they quite often remark how cheerful and happy my art makes them feel. (If they only knew how sad I was). When I saw Amanda’s art on Facebook I was immediately drawn to it as it seemed like we had a lot in common. But she had a super power that I didn’t. She had the power of a palette knife and a freedom to be “messy” that I really admired. I had to join her group! It’s so fun for me to find a new ways to paint, fresh ideas, and it has helped me evolve as an artist with new tricks! But the unexpected thing about Amanda’s Little Bluebird Creative Community is the friendship and support we share in the group. It’s so rewarding to encourage new artists and be encouraged too. I hope others can find a happy place through art too. Art is healing. Art is love.

You can find Beverly online here: Works of Heart


Beverly’s example of what art can do for you just one of many! Our Creative Community is full of unique stories of the power of creativity!

Escape. Joy. Accomplishment. Connection. Self-Care.

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  1. beth stoddard

    Proud of you; Beverly, you have traveled down a long difficult road then pulled yourself up and made a life that was happy again, we will never truly get over the loss of him but he would want us to go on and be happy in our lives. love you Beth Ellen