Building A Nest

I took a few photos as I painted this nest today in my sketchbook. I did it in about an hour and used palette knives and acrylics for this piece.

Here we go……first….a blue sky

January 2013 007

A little yellow ochre and beginning a branch.

January 2013 009

The basics of the branch.

January 2013 010

Here I stared the outline of the nest. (Please excuse my camera cord.)

January 2013 012

Here I started adding some black to the branches. I also added another branch, and I did some smeary work (very technical term…ahem) around the branches and under them.

January 2013 016

Now I have some highlights and a bit of alizarin crimson in the mix.

January 2013 018

I darkened the inside of the nest and decided to bring the nest down a little bit. It needed to fill up the space more.

January 2013 019

And here’s the finished piece! Hope you like it!

finished 2