Burnout Is A Real Thing


Burnout…is a real thing, and I’m in the midst of it.


I’ve been pushing myself too hard for too long.

Years of non-stop creating, launching, selling, painting, teaching, going, going, going….and my mind, my body, and my creativity have been suffering for it.

I’ve been saying for over a year now that I’m so tired. I say it all the time, but I’ve not done anything about it. I’m also forgetting things, feeling unmotivated, having body aches, and major brain fog. It’s time to slow down and set some life boundaries.

As far as my business goes, I’m just offering 2 things right now:

  1. My Creative Community
  2. My Self Study Studio Sessions

I’ve recently cancelled some things that were scheduled, removed original art from my shop, shut down my business group for creatives, and plan to cut way back on social media for a bit. I also plan to close my Creative Community to new members soon so that I don’t feel the guilty pull to market that offering online all the time. Marketing is a lot of work and it can drain you so quickly. I honestly need a break from business…a break from selling.

For months now I’ve been watching vlogs on Youtube where people are just folding cozy blankets, cleaning their home, pouring tea, and doing mundane tasks. It never occurred to me that my mind was craving quiet moments of rest. I know it should be common sense that a person can’t go for years without a break working and planning and managing a one woman business. However, when you LOVE what you do…you can really over do it!

Why am I telling you all this?

For several reasons:

  1. I want to warn other creative business owners. Listen…you need breaks! You need quiet time in your studio. You have to listen to that inner nudge that tells you to slow down when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Be good to yourself. You don’t have a boss or manager to tell you when you should take a break. You have to set your own boundaries.
  2. I want to let you know that my Creative Community will be closing to new members on February 24th so that you can join while we are still open if you want to.
  3. I want to let you know that I won’t be online as much as I used to be for a while. I don’t know how long this rest mode will last, but I will not be regularly going live on Facebook, making Youtube videos, blogging, offering new art, shipping orders, or anything else for a time.


I WILL focus on my Creative Community and giving them my energy and creativity (so no worries there, members!) I will continue to paint and create but I may not share it with everyone every time I do. I just need some space to relax and feed my own creativity so that I can continue to help others with theirs.


Boundaries are good. Rest is healing. Money isn’t everything, and there is something to be said for a small and manageable business model.

Don’t get caught up in the hype…the 6 figure business goals…the hustle…the next online funnel idea…the new marketing plan…the materialism.

Don’t push yourself too hard and forget what’s most important.


You know what?

You can do anything but not everything!











“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.”  Col. 3: 2



8 Responses

  1. Dianne Salsbery

    God bless your mind and body during this rest and energize through the Spirit. Sounds like you are getting it figured out….

  2. Brenda Fristoe

    Amanda, I pray for you and two other artists that I follow each morning. I thank God for you and pray that He will bless you. I will pray that you give yourself permission to rest and refresh. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Thank you for keeping your bearings, God given, during all of your success.

    My husband is an amazing builder of single family homes. He has won every award in our area and is admired by those who know his work. One thing I learned from him is this, he always stops and takes time to admire the end product of his work. So I hope you stop to admire your creations! And admire what you have achieved as you have built a successful online following.

    You have been given an amazing gift by God; from my view God created you to do art! There is no doubt that you have won every award – Your work in Kirkland’s – Two online Communities – Sales of your Original Art.

    In the world of Art you have achieved the ultimate goal – to be accepted and see your work sell. So I pray that you enjoy your hard work by taking a break to refresh. Again, thank you so much for being so transparent and giving so much to us!

    • Amanda Hilburn


      You made me tear up. Thank you for your kind words about my work. It is very much appreciated.

  3. Julie

    Totally understandable… push that pause button… hold it down for as long you need to….. We all should do that every now and then. I feel something really awesome will come from it. I’m sure there’s so much different avenues of art and unique Amanda style ideas inside of you just waiting to come out!! Give it time.
    Best wishes….

  4. Irene Garcia

    Amanda You are a Masterpiece of Art. God gave you the artistic talent to share & I thank you for that..We love your words of wisdom…Yes as we age we must enjoy the simple pleasures of life LIVE LOVE & Laugh. God walks beside you. Take care & keep it simple Namaste..Your are amazing Thks for coloring our world 💖😊👩‍🌾

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Thank you, Irene 🙂 simplify is going to be my new middle name 🙂