Busy Is Not Always Best

As I have been preparing for ladies Bible class this week, I have found several interesting quotes and ideas about being busy. We are so very busy today with so many different things! I know my days are jam-packed with everything from emails to algebra!

But do you know what? …. Busy is not always best!

We make choices daily, and we always make time for things that we want to do. Everyone is busy but there is really no such thing as TOO busy! It’s all about our priorities. I had to think about that a while, but it is really true. There is no such thing as TOO busy! It’s all about choices.

If we have time to decorate our homes, manicure our yards, watch television, read magazines, browse Pinterest, check our Facebook news feeds, and paint our nails, but we don’t have time to read our Bible, pray, teach others, send a card, call someone who is lonely, or take a meal to someone in need, then we need to do a priority check.

We should ask ourselves daily, “What am I busy doing for God today?”

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