Christie’s Story

Meet Christie Hawkins! She is the owner of The Social Easel and is a wonderful example of how artists should never stop growing and learning!


Here’s Christie’s Story…

When I started taking classes from Amanda I had never worked with a palette knife before. I loved her style of painting and wanted to learn how to do it. Now using a palette knife is one of my favorite things and it’s transformed the way that I do my own artwork! Even as an artist, I don’t think we ever stop growing and learning! Her membership helped me expand the way I looked at things! It also helped me conquer a different style of painting that I didn’t think I could do and now I know I can!


You can see more about Christie here on her website: The Social Easel

And find out more about her summer kids camp here: Kids Camp

Christie is an art teacher using the information in our group to continue her education so that she can teach her own students different techniques and creative ideas! One of the unique things about our Creative Community is that there are artists from many different backgrounds, different skill levels, and multiple ages learning together in one big family!

And if you are an art teacher, you will have permission to use the things you learn in our group to teach others! Full permission!

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