Color Combos That I Love


Color Combos That I Love

Using colors that compliment each other is really important. You can look at a color wheel to help you make good color decisions, but keep in mind that you can also play with colors yourself and see what you like. I’m going to share a few color combos that I love.


I find that I have a tendency to use the same color palette often. That’s not a bad thing, it is a big part of my style. Here are some examples of the colors that I find myself using most often. I don’t just use these colors in paint, but also in papers and other mixed media.


Turquoise and yellow with black is a favorite! I also like pinks, reds, greens and black together. And then there’s turquoise and red…


So a few color combos that I love are…..

  • turquoise, yellow, and black
  • pink, red, and yellow
  • green, pink, and black
  • turquoise, pink, and black
  • yellow, pink, and green
  • pink, black, and red
  • green, yellow, and turquoise


Color Combos and Emotion

Now for something really fun….did you know that color can evoke emotions? Most of the time people look at the connection of emotion and color with the idea that the artist must be trying to reveal a hidden meaning or feeling when creating the piece of art.  After looking at my main color choices I can see that I most often use: turquoise, pink, yellow, and green. Those are happy, soothing, grounding colors. All of those emotions are exactly what I feel when I am creating art myself! I’m convinced that my work is full of the emotions that I am feeling at the moment more than what I desire others to feel when observing my work.



Take a look at your artwork. What colors do you use most often? Can you see a pattern? Can you see the emotion that you may be putting into your paintings without even realizing it?





Happy Painting!







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