Creative Challenge #11: Feathers

Creative Challenge 11This creative challenge #11 will be all about feathers!!

Just draw, paint, mod podge, collage, carve, sculpt, chalk, or whatever you would like, to create something about feathers!

Here are a few helps for you:

How to Paint a Feather

How to Draw a Feather

How to Draw a Peacock Feather


Challenge #11 begins today and you have a week to work on your creative piece and then email it to me at: [email protected]

Midnight on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 is the deadline to email me your submission for this challenge. I will post photos of all of the entries that I get from you here on this blog post after all the entries are in!

This is all just for fun and enjoyment! Anyone of any age is welcome to join in! 

No violent, gory, or gruesome creations will be accepted. No nudity or inappropriate creations will be accepted.


Here are the entries:

A new challenge will be posted on Sunday afternoons each week! Follow this link to see all past creative challenges: Creative Challenges

Join in the fun with a creative challenge!
Join in the fun with a creative challenge!

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