Creativity Is Not A Competition


Creativity is not a competition!

Comparison is a thief of joy!

There is room for us all!


Dear Artist Friend,

Do you know what? Your success as an artist is ambiguous. Just like art itself, it’s all about what you think is great! You get to decide that for yourself.

There are a gazillion ways that artists can share their creativity and be successful, and sometimes we get caught up in what we are not doing instead of what we ARE doing.

I know I’m guilty! I’ve done it myself. It’s so easy to get online and scroll through Instagram or Facebook, look at what everyone else is doing, and feel disappointed and discouraged.


Here’s how it usually plays out in our minds…..

Wow! That gal sells out her Etsy restocks in minutes from Instagram.

AND…Another one has her work on stationary and greeting cards.

Well…that artist sells her work in fancy galleries.

And this one has hers mass produced for retail shops.

This artist is teaching classes online and rocking it.

Well…That one hosts workshops in town and fills up every class.

Sound familiar? 

The list could go on FOREVER!!! because there are soooo many ways that artists can share their creativity with others and be successful!!

Yes there will always be someone doing something different than you…maybe doing more or doing less…but YOU have to decide what success as an artist means to YOU! 



If this sounds like you, you need to make a decision right now. What do you want out of this whole art thing?

What makes it worth it for you? Is it…


  • getting your work in a certain gallery?
  • creating art for products in retail shops?
  • teaching others how to paint?
  • selling prints of your originals?
  • just making a little extra money to help your family finances?

You decide what your view of success is, write it down, work toward that goal, and remind yourself of it often!



Creativity is not a competition.

There is room for us all, and you get to decide what your definition of success as an artist is!

What do you want? What is your definition of success? I’d love to chat with you about this subject because I believe it is so important for us to get straight in our minds so that we can move forward as artists and become our best selves. Leave a comment below.


This topic was so important to me that I discussed it live on my Facebook page. You can view the replay here.


Much love and best wishes to you, Creative Friend!