DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint Project

I am so excited to share this transformation with you!

Here’s a video sharing the products that I used for this project!


BeforeThis is the little table I transformed before I began.

Drawers RemovedI removed the drawers from the table.


Cleaning the piece before painting it is a must!

DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint in PrimativeHere’s where the real fun begins!

Painting with DecoArt Chalky Finish in PrimativeIgnore my bad manicure and focus on the awesomeness on the brush! 🙂

Here’s a little fun slow motion video of me painting the top of the table. It’s hypnotic. 🙂

One Coat

This is one coat of the DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Primitive. I used a chip brush to apply the paint and it dried very quickly. I went back over it all with another coat and then let it dry thoroughly.

Waiting on it to dry.

The next thing I did was remove the hardware from the drawers and paint them.

Hardware Removed From Drawers

Painted DrawerDrawers

After a couple of coats of paint on the drawers, the frame of the table was dry, and I began distressing it. I used a piece of sand paper and the edges were very easy to distress.

Sanding Edges

After I used the sand paper on all the edges and really roughed it up, I brushed on the DecoArt clear wax and let it dry.

Here’s a little video of me applying the clear wax.

After the clear wax dried, I added the antiquing wax. The antiquing wax gives the piece a time worn look. I used the DecoArt Americana Crème Wax in Golden Brown for this project. You just brush it on and wipe it back. It is super easy!

 Here’s a video showing how I did that step.

Golden Brown Wax

Doesn’t this look amazing!! I love how the dark wax picks up all the little textures and scratches.

Once the whole piece was waxed, I did some fun stenciling on the drawer fronts. I used the Americana Classic stencil called Jacobean Floral and DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Lace.


 Here’s a video of that process.

After stenciling each drawer, I let it dry and replaced the hardware.

Here’s the finished project! I love how it turned out.


These products are super easy to use and I was able to complete this project in a very short period of time!

Drawer Close Up

Paint Project

(I was offered these products by DecoArt in exchange for a project review as a part of their Blogger Outreach Program.)


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  1. Emily Mancini

    Amanda, this is Awesome. I really enjoy all you teach us. The finished piece is Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your God given Gifts with us. <3

    • amanda

      Thank you so much, Emily! I am happy to share 🙂

  2. Charlotte

    It looks great! Welcome to the DecoArt family…

    • amanda

      Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Pam Sanders

    It looks great! Thanks for sharing what products you used & for making the demonstration videos.