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These are my kids lessons for families to enjoy together. Each lesson contains a step by step video of me creating a mixed media painting. All of the supplies needed are listed along with links to order these supplies online, if needed. Enjoy a creative night together as a family, have a fun Saturday art time with your grandchildren, or use these lessons in your homeschool for art class!


On demand lessons for you to purchase and work at your own pace. These lessons are available immediately after you purchase them. My Heart to Heart eCourses are all in video format with step by step instructions and a list of supplies needed for each project.


 Join The Little Bluebird Creative Community! Learn to paint with a palette knife. Create mixed media art, and find your tribe of creative artists!

My Most Popular Option!

The Little Bluebird Creative Community is a monthly subscription group for those looking for instruction in palette knife painting and mixed media art. This group is an online group with new tutorials released each week for three weeks of each month. We also have a live question and answer time on the fourth week of the month and access to my private Facebook group.