Facebook Live


If you are on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you have seen the new “LIVE” option. I’m just getting started with this whole live video thing. It’s a little scary, y’all.

I mean…it’s LIVE!

If I mess up…you’ll see it.

If a cat walks across my painting…you’ll see it.

However, that’s what makes it so great! You get a totally raw and unedited video in real time and who knows what may happen! Eeeeekkk!!!!!

I am also a very shy and introverted person who gets REALLY freaked out by public speaking or any scenario in general where I am the sole focus of everyone’s attention, so I was very nervous just thinking about trying this. However, I found out (much to my delight!!) that this whole video thing was comfortable to me….I mean, I actually enjoyed it! Weird, huh? Maybe it’s because I can’t see the faces of all these people who are watching me. I don’t really know why it feels safe, but it totally does. So, I plan to do this more often and I hope you enjoy it too!

After I finish recording, I can choose to save the video to my page or delete it. Here is a sample for you to check out.

Watch me paint a mixed media sunflower on an old cabinet door in this one…



My wish is that I can help others in some small way by sharing little pieces of my creative process. I want to inspire you, and I hope you can gain something from my videos, even if it’s just a break for a few minutes to chill out and watch me paint. 🙂

I plan to “go live” much more often on my Facebook page, so head over there and “like” my page so that you can see more!

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