Famous Artist Fridays: Medieval and Manga

Famous Artist FridaysThis week we are doing something totally different. I let the kids show me some of their favorite works of art that they had found on their own. They didn’t have to be created by a “famous” artist, but they are fabulous, nonetheless!

My daughter is a BIG fan of manga art. She is a pretty fabulous artist herself, btw, and has her own Facebook page that you can see here: My Creative Corner

These are some of her favorite pieces done by a variety of artists!

k1 k2

My son chose his favorite pieces that are based on Medieval times. He shares a love of medieval history with his dad and is a HUGE fan of knights, castles, swords, and horses.

The artists and links to their works are all on my Pinterest account and pinned on these boards: Paintings That Make Me Happy  &  Medieval Artwork

Want to try some Manga art yourself? My daughter suggests searching on Pinterest for “how to draw manga characters”. She has used several tutorials and how-to’s online that are free and very helpful.

For more about drawing medieval themes, just do the same thing! You can search for knights, medieval art tutorials, or how-to’s and you’ll find so many things online for free!

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