A few of my very favorite things!


Paint, palette knifes, canvases, and more! This page is home for all of the favorite things I love to use.

Check back often as I add more to the list!

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Art Supplies


Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paint

The heavy bodied acrylics work so well with a palette knife! They do not come in the large array of colors that you can get in craft paints, but their quality is great.




I use canvases for both mixed media paintings and palette knife art. I like the gallery wrapped canvases best because of their sturdiness and tightly stretched canvas on the frame.



This is very similar to the easel that I use. It is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to pack up and take with you if you decide to paint outdoors.


Matte Gel Medium


One of my very favorite adhesives for putting down mixed media papers and graphics. I use the matte version because I want my finished paintings to have a matte look. This can also be used to mix with soft bodied paints to thicken them up to help with creating texture. The heavy and super heavy gels will give lots of volume to your paints.

Soft Bodied Acrylics

I use soft bodied acrylics and my favorite brand is DecoArt. The paints with the gold tops are the best! You can also add some molding paste or gel medium to this paint to give it a heavy body for palette knife painting. That’s what I recommend doing. This paint line has so many beautiful colors to choose from and can be thickened easily with a gel medium to add the volume you need to paint with your knife more easily.



Wood Panels

These wood panels are perfect for mixed media papers, textures, and painting. They are super sturdy and hold up well with mixed media abuse like distressing, sanding, or layering.



I use gesso to prepare wood panels, lighten up areas on my mixed media pieces, and prepare areas on mixed media papers before applying acrylic paints.




Distress Ink Pads

These are great for adding an aged look to your mixed media pieces. The walnut ink pad is my favorite.

Graphics for Mixed Media

Alphabet Stamps, Ink, and Pitt Pens

Brushes and Tools


Printer/Scanner and Paper for Print Making

Paper Doilies

Scrapbook Papers



Some Of My Favorite Chalky Paints and Finishes


Online Business Tools

Photo Editing

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
I use PicMonkey to edit all of my photos for my website, Pinterest pins, and blog posts. I love it!




And this is the web cam I use for all of my filming.

Email Subscribers

Mad Mimi is my favorite site to manage my email newsletters, blog posts, and promotions.




This is my ring light that I use for videos, photos, and painting in my studio.