Freedom To Create A Different Life For Yourself

Water is my favorite! It really does not matter where the water is …beach, lake, pond, or bathtub…water just helps me chill and relax. When we moved into the house we are in now, there was a small pool in the backyard. It needed repairs, and I was determined to use my little business to make some extra money and fix it up! The thought of a pool in our own yard is just dreamy to my water loving mind ❤️ I wasn’t sure how I would accomplish my goal, but I started planning and working anyway. Y’all!! Last year, I reached that goal and more!! We fixed the pool and now I have the blessing of swimming in a pool in our own backyard. Plus my business is exceeding my expectations! I know that every good gift that I have is ultimately from God, but He also gave me the knowledge, opportunity, and freedom to use art to create a business! Not only does this business give me extra income but it also gives me freedom to enjoy these blessings because it is MY business. I create my schedule. I create my goals. I can say yes or no to things and plan for time with my family or just an afternoon by the pool. My life, my family’s life, and the lives of others have been completely changed by my art business. I now employ a team of 5 other people that help me, and we are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!     The best part about all of this is that I also have the freedom and honor to share what I have learned with others! If you are interested in building your own art business, I would LOVE to show you how I have done this!! Let me help you create a different life for yourself. Email me 😊 Let’s chat about how I can help you do this in a one-on-one session!

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2 Responses

  1. Tammy

    This sounds exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’ve have painted furniture in the past, nothing fancy, but furniture is heavy and you need a place to store it. I love whimsical and would love to learn to paint on canvas. Just watched the llama video! 💗 I can’t draw to save me. Lol I would love for this to be my new job!

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Tammy! It is so doable! You can do it!