From The Creative Community: Artist Donna Reed

There are so many amazing artists in my Creative Community. In the following weeks I’ll be interviewing and featuring some of them here on the blog.


This week’s featured artist is Donna Reed. This is our interview, some of her beautiful paintings, and information on how to find Donna on the web in her shop!

1. Tell us a little about who you are and where you are from.

My name is Donna Reed and I love creating art. I am 71 years old, retired after 50 years of working in Bank operations. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. I mostly lived in the suburbs of Seattle but in 2017 I moved out of my crowded house and declared myself done raising children and my parents had passed. I moved 100 mile away to a Beach house and started painting again. Now I live in a farming community in an old 1920s era farm home and Im very happy here re discovering new Art techniques.

2. How long have you been painting?

I started dabbling around 2003. I was in Michael’s one day and saw Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke classes being offer and I took lessons once a week for 2 years. In 2005 I became a certified instructor and started teaching in Michael’s. It wasn’t enough for me and soon I found myself becoming a Bob Ross instructor too and taught at Michael’s. During every vacation for the next couple years, I would attend art seminars in CA. and OR to find my style and techniques I liked.

3. What does art mean to you? How has it been helpful to you personally? 

I have this internal itch called Creativity that has to be let loose. If I’m not painting, I’m working on other projects like Vintage Jewelry and displays for my shop. I’m a shy person, introvert, like to be alone so Art brings out in me another side of my personality that I like. I remember teaching a class to family members and my brother asked me who are you, you are a different person when you teach. That’s what Art does for me it brings out a side that I normally keep quiet into a more outgoing person conquering fear of public speaking!
It also brought me a new confidence in who I am and what I can achieve when you have a passion to learn and are teachable.

4. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about beginning painting or hasn’t painted in a long time and wants to start again?

Art taught me to see the world through the colors in my paint box. All of a sudden, you don’t just see a tree, you see Sap Green, Viridian, yellows, etc. You see God’s wonderful creation in patterns of the clouds and beautiful flowers. It makes you stop and smell the roses, it slows you down and replaces stress in your life. Art is healing Spiritually.  If you have never painted but are drawn to it, just do it. If you have a passion for painting, it will develop.
In 2009 I spent the whole year in Breast Cancer treatment. I stopped painting. I was in a deep dark place. My Dad had passed away, I was caring for my Mom, and my daughter, grandson, and another family member moved into my small home. I had no space to paint. I fought my way back through sorrow, loss, and lack of space to dabble again. My art room was a kitchen stool with a piece of plywood on top, but it was a start until I moved out in 2017.

5. Do you have a shop or online place where we can find your work?

I have a space in an Antique store in Conway, Wa. My business name is Farm Fresh Art. I also have a Facebook page called The Vintage Rose/Farm Fresh Art.

4 Responses

  1. Sherry Darlington

    Donna you are amazing! Love your work & your free spirit.

  2. Sherri Clark

    Thank you for sharing your Art story with us Donna!

  3. Jodi

    Thanks for sharing and so glad you found your way back to painting!! So talented!!

  4. Hobosart18

    Donna, you are an inspiration! I always enjoy the art you share! And you are always encouraging others in the Creative Community. Art has a universal language and is very healing. Thank you for sharing your story!