From The Creative Community: Artist Pam Wilder

There are so many amazing artists in my Creative Community. I have been interviewing and featuring some of them here on the blog lately!

This week’s featured artist is Pam Wilder. This is our interview, some of her beautiful paintings, and information on how to find Pam on the web and in her local shop!

1. Tell us a little about who you are and where you are from.
My name is Pam. I am a wife and mom to two grown boys with 4 wonderful grandchildren and I live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri.
My hobbies, interests and activities include Antiquing, Managing an antique booth, growing flowers in my greenhouse to plant at our church each year, painting and upscaling furniture, decorating and creating acrylic art.
Just this last year I rediscovered painting again through Amanda’s painting groups and I’m so happy I did! I have found I am most happy when I am creating or restoring something and painting has become a wonderful tool to do just that! It is very therapeutic and relaxing.
2. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about beginning painting or hasn’t painted in a long time and wants to start again?
If you have been considering picking up a brush or palette knife again, or for the first time, I encourage you to make the leap, you will be so happy you did! Amanda is a wonderful teacher and so easy to learn from. Our painting community is filled with encouragement, uplifting words and total support for one another. You will love it!
3.  Do you have a shop or online place where we can find your work?
If you are in southern Missouri you can see my work at Spring Creek Tea Room and Antiques or online at:
I love to see  all of these awesome artists growing and really honing in on their craft. If you remember, one of the previous artists that I featured in this series didn’t even know she could paint until just a few months ago when she tried my free cotton painting tutorial! That is so amazing! I love that! I truly believe that anyone can be an artist!
I love to paint and I know you can too!

3 Responses

  1. Sali Parker

    Nice article! Congratulations, Pam – keep up the lovely work!!! 🖌🎨👍😘 “Sali”

  2. Sherry Darlington

    Pam I love your work! I am also in south central Missouri Ozarks. Will try to see your work in person.

  3. Hobosart18

    Pam, I love your art. We have similar interests and Amanda has been very inspirational for me! So nice to read about you!