From the Creative Community: Artist Sali Parker

There are so many amazing artists in my Creative Community. I have been interviewing and featuring some of them here on the blog lately!


This week’s featured artist is Sali Parker. This is our interview, some of her beautiful paintings, and information on how to find Sali on the web and in her local shop!

1. Tell us a little about who you are and where you are from.

I am a local artist in a very small rural community in Hampton, S. C. – We are about 40 miles inland and famous for our Hampton Co. Watermelon Festival – longest running festival in S. C. (This is a pic of me with my “Best of Show” painting from the festival.)

2. How long have you been painting?
I have been painting since I was 3 years old, it all began on the bathroom wall, when my mom invited everyone in to see my artwork!  I studied under several local teachers before majoring in art in college.

3. What does art mean to you? How has it been helpful to you personally? 
Art has been a  beloved hobby as well as an income for me over the years.  I’ve also been teaching in the rural areas of S. C. for over 30 years, and after a car wreck in 2016, which “slowed me down” physically, I have really enjoyed painting more than ever!  If I hadn’t had my painting to occupy me it would have been much harder for me to come back after the accident. I’m very thankful for this gift in my life and that I can share it with others.

4. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about beginning painting or hasn’t painted in a long time and wants to start again?
Whether you are a beginner or a relearning revisiting painting, I think the most important thing is to paint like you “don’t care” – just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it! If you love it, share it with others, if it’s not what you wanted it to be,
Let it dry and re-work it another day!  They say every successful artist has a closet full of bad paintings!
5. Do you have a shop or online place where we can find your work?
I have a small gallery space in my daughter’s shop – Tompkins’ Original – and online Sali’s Art Page on fb – where you can see my artwork.

3 Responses

  1. Sali Parker

    Thank you, Amanda for selecting me as one of your featured artists! I get a lot of inspiration and creative ideas from you and I love your charming artworks!!! (I now have a few in my collection!!!) “Paint on!” 🖌🎨😘

  2. Margo

    Well deserved recognition my friend! Proud of you! Love your answers to the above questions. You and your amazing talent are gifts to us all! Blessings!

  3. Hobosart18

    Hello, Sali Parker! Your art is awesome! Your advice to “paint like you don’t care” is great! I am so glad Amanda shared your story with us!