Fun With Nature

This is the beginning of our little garden. We planted: carrots, watermelon, cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, tomatoes, and some marigolds to try and keep the bugs away.

We have a few green sprouts, but it will be a while before we are eating anything from this little farm.

Sister working on her nature journal on the patio. We have figured out that Glad Press n Seal works great for pressing flowers in their nature books.

Both kids came running in the house laughing at a “fat little bumblebee that landed on a clover bloom and made the whole flower fall over.” They both made pages in their journals about the chubby bee.

I asked Sister to pick her favorite page. She chose this one. (See the pressed flowers? It really works well.)

This is Brother’s favorite page from his journal. He has enjoyed finding feathers this year and taping them in his book. Birds were a major topic in our nature studies this spring. He was overjoyed by spotting a hawk today in our yard. What made it most exciting was that the hawk was carrying a snake in its talons! How cool is that? He made a page in his nature journal of course 🙂

Here is a link to a fun website. It is a site that shows kids how to build “fairy houses”. It is a way to encourage kids to explore and play outside. It looks like fun for grown ups too! 😉


4 Responses

  1. Cindie

    Great nature study books. I never thought about Press N Seal! Thanks for the link on the Fairy Houses.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks Cindie. The only problem with the Press N Seal is that the flowers loose their color…they turn brown or dark. I don’t know if that happens with wax paper or not. 🙂 I may have to do some research.

  3. Cindie

    Well, we collected leaves today and used clear contact paper because we didn’t have Press N Seal on hand (although it would have been easier). My daughter asked if it would turn brown, and I told her I think so. If you can figure out how to keep their color, I would love to know!

  4. Amanda

    Well, according to everthing I have recently read….we are supposed to press and dry the flowers before we put them in the journals.
    However, we have taken wax paper and pressed the flower in it using heat from an iron to seal the wax. Our samples done with the wax paper hold their color and look much better than the Press N Seal ones.
    I may make another post to correct my Press N Seal recommendation 🙂