Giving A Painting A Makeover

Painting Makeover

Taking old paintings and giving them new life is so rewarding to me. Here’s how I gave this painting a little makeover.

Sometimes paintings sit in my studio and I just never feel great about them. I usually give them a new look after I think on it a while. Here’s a little photo journey through this makeover.

And here’s a fun time lapsed video of the whole process. It took about an hour and a half to do this makeover, and it’s so cool to watch it come together in this sped up version in just a few minutes.


Here’s a before and after of this piece. I am so glad I gave it a makeover! She’s so much more sophisticated and balanced. What do you think?

This piece is now available and ready for a home! You can purchase Sunflower Bouquet here: Sunflower Bouquet