Hobby or Business: You get to decide!

When I began painting I did not go into it with a business in mind. I started with a hobby that is now a multifaceted business. If you are thinking about selling your art and creating a business, you may want to think about a few things…

Hobby or Business

There is a difference between having a hobby or a business, and you should consider a few things before you begin selling your artwork.


  1. A hobby is just for fun. You don’t feel any pressure to paint. You are not trying to please anyone but yourself, and there’s really no need to consider consistency in your work’s style. Not making original paintings? No big deal! Just have fun!
  2. A business needs a plan, and you will feel some pressure to produce work regularly. A good strategy is so helpful and being consistent in all areas is really, really important. You’ll need to be known for something….a.k.a. have your own style. Being open, likeable, and trustworthy will help you build a following, and having a passion for what you are doing (almost to point of an unhealthy obsession) will be completely necessary!

The decision is really yours, of course.  You get to decide if you want to paint and sell your work as a business owner or just paint for the fun of it. I mean… don’t get me wrong. I still paint for the fun of it, but I also have a plan for my business as I paint. So what is it that you want?


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