How To Add Raffia To Your Christmas Tree Decor

Adding Raffia To Your Christmas Tree


This is our tree with the lights, ornaments, and ribbon. Gimli and I decided it still needed a little something else. I am in love with raffia and I use it all the time for crafts and packaging my artwork! We decided raffia was what our tree needed.

Raffia is dried palm tree fibers and you can find it in just about any store that sells artificial florals or craft supplies. I got a bag for aobut $2 at Walmart. Did I mention that I love this stuff?

I just took a hand full and stuffed it into the tree in random areas where there were blank spots.

Add raffia to your Christmas tree!

See how pretty it looks! It’s like a rustic version of tinsel and it adds so much to the tree!

Our Tree With Raffia Added

Here’s the after photo! I love how messy, rustic, and happy it looks now.

Raffia is like rustic tinsel! Add it to your tree for a little something extra!

Do you like raffia? Have you ever thought of adding it to your Christmas tree? I’d love to see photos of your tree!