How To Organize Your Art Supplies

Staying neat and organized in your creative space will help you be more productive. I get pretty messy as I work, but I don’t work well in a messy space….that’s kind of a problem! LOL!!

The best way I have found to stay organized is to clean up after you work and have a place for everything. Keeping your work area clean will make it easier for you to just jump in and begin painting at any time.

Here are a few specific tips for you and some ideas for organizing that include links to items that I use or something similar.


  1. Keep all of your paint in one place. I use a lazy susan type organizer to hold my paints, and I store them according to color.

You can find similar spinning trays here!



2. Shelves, shelves, shelves! You need them! Use shelves to store papers, canvases, and bottles of medium.

Here are a couple of options for white shelves like I have in my studio.


3. My paint brush caddy is super helpful for keeping my brushes and knives handy.

Here are a couple of options for these handy organizers!


4. Use found objects or containers in your home to store little things. I love baskets, jars, and buckets!


The biggest thing to remember is that if you will always clean up after you finish working in your space it will make your space more appealing later on. Take a little time to give everything a home and make sure you put it back when you are finished with it. It will be worth it tomorrow to clean today.

4 Responses

  1. Agnes Friedlander

    Hi there!
    I love these organizing tips! Another tip (for people that may not know) is to LAY your brushes down on a dish drying absorbent mat to dry after washing them. Don’t stand brushes up to dry as it will cause the bristles to splay out. Once brushes are dry it’s okay to stand brushes up in a cup or holder.
    I’ve also found that shelving units with wheels are so much better than a simple bookshelf. They’re bigger, stronger and more easily moved!
    I also LOVE clear bins and containers so that I know what’s what!

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Those are great additions, Agnes 🙂 Thanks so much!

  2. Trish

    Always have kept Art supplies organized and have use many style of containers, including making Wooden Boxes of various sizes and use glass jar for storing Brushes, Art Pens and such.
    As Artists keeping things in order / keep the creativeness flowing / not concerned about a
    messy unorganized work area / however always looking and learning from others how they kept in order …improving the small Art Work

    • Amanda Hilburn

      I love using glass jars for brushes and pens too!