Palette Knife Sunflowers

Original Painting by Amanda Hilburn


This piece started out as a pitcher of pink roses, but I recorded a video as I changed these flowers to something that I liked even better and created a palette knife sunflower painting! The video below was recorded live on my Facebook page as I show how to paint sunflowers with  my favorite tool…..a palette knife.

In this video I use these supplies. Click on the photos for my affiliate links to these products.


Palette Knife


Liquitex Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paint (Cadmium Yellow and Bronze Yellow)

Craft Paints in Black, White, Green, and Orange



This gives you a little peek into my flower painting process. I love painting sunflowers with a palette knife. I think you will too!


I’d love to see your painting! You can email it to me at [email protected]


I hope you enjoyed painting with me! If you’d like to do this every Friday check out my Creative Community! It’s the online painting group full of video tutorials for you to learn from!