How To Use Color Temperature In A Floral Painting, Palette Knife Painting Video; Hydrangea Painting

How To Use Color Temperature In A Floral Painting



Knowing a little bit about color temperature will help you achieve more depth with your paintings. Some colors are considered cool and some are warm. Cool and warm colors can play off of each other and give you some great effects in your artwork if you know how to use them.!

In this video, I’ll show you how to use cool and warm reds to create depth in a hydrangea!


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  1. Louise

    Happy New Year Amanda. Very useful video. I do hope to try this soon!

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Glad it was helpful! Thanks for watching!!

  2. Judy Buchanan

    Always enjoy your videos. You have a special gift with your creativity and talent. Keep ‘em coming please…