I Painted Flowers On My Laundry Room Wall: My First Mural

Our laundry room was dark and gloomy when we moved into this house. I painted the paneling with primer over a year ago and then just left it for a while. I didn’t really have a plan for what to do next because I was just happy it was brighter and lighter and needed a little break from all the house updates.

Recently I’ve felt the urge to paint big…really big! I decided that the perfect place to give it a try was an inconspicuous wall somewhere in the house. So….I painted flowers on my laundry room wall and created my first mural!

Here’s a photo journey of the wall from beginning to end. (And of course, I had LOTS of help from Gimli the cat. haha!) I used some of my favorite paints by Junk Monkey Paint Company and a little bit of acrylic paint in a few spots.


Here’s How I Painted The Mural

  1. I started with a pencil in hand. I drew a few outlines of leaves and flowers so that I didn’t get carried away once I got out the paints.
  2. I took a chip brush and my Junk Monkey paint and created leaves, stems, and some swishes of green around them. I like things that I paint to look messy and a wall mural is no exception.


3. Next came the pinks, corals, and yellows for the flowers. I used a brush, my hand, a large palette knife, and a plastic scraper to create the base of these flowers. It was a true experiment and so much fun.

4. I had to add some darker areas to the flowers and then use my chip brush and plastic scraper to messy them up a little more. I went back over everything brushing on some creamy whites and light pinks.

5. THEN…I took a light aqua color and my plastic scraper and went through adding lines to the leaves and swipes of blue to the flowers. I love how this one step made the entire mural look more like one of my smaller palette knife paintings.

This is another photo of the blues on those leaves and flowers.

AND……here’s the finished mural! It’s a much happier laundry room now, and I’m currently scoping out other rooms in our house for mural ideas 🙂


Links to supplies used for this project. Some are affiliate links.

Junk Monkey Paint 

Plastic Scraper

Chip Brush


Have you ever painted a mural? Would you paint an accent wall in your home?

I know a lot of you would say that you’d be afraid to do this, but like I always say….”It’s just paint! You can paint over it if you mess up.” 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Donna Reed

    Yes, I have done a wall art mural years ago in my bathroom. I painted a faux red brick arch window looking out to the ocean with tropical flowers. Its still on the wall!

  2. Pamela @theblondenest

    I love it! I’ve been planning on painting my studio door with flowers! I’m scared, but like you said-I can always paint over it if I don’t like it!

  3. Deborah Baughman

    You did an awesome job. It will be a happy place to do laundry now ♥️♥️♥️

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Thank you, Deborah! Laundry is not fun but a pretty mural does help 🙂