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The Little Bluebird Gallery
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 15 reviews
 by Marilyn Wade

Absolutely the best thing I have ever done. True guidance and motivation. What a wonderful way to learn . You get everything. One on one and work is 100 % improved in just 3 months. Amanda is by far the best art instruct I have ever met. She is completely devoted to her students..thank you so much Amanda

 by Kellyn Trapp

I started following Amanda back at the beginning of March on her The Little Bluebird Gallery page and was so intrigued by her teachings and that she painted with a palette knife. This past year I fell in love with the texture and looseness that a palette knife creates on a canvas or canvas paper. Since my art journey about 3 years, I've been learning how to be a less "in control" Artist or more of "loose and free" Artist. One of my fellow Artist and dear friend shared her page with me. She knew that I loved florals and that I wanted to paint more with a palette knife. Here I am today in Amanda's Creative Community with not only 100's of archive videos that you have done, a creative path to follow if I wish to teach me the basics and a weekly lesson every month with LIVE Q&A with Amanda Hillburn herself. I love that we have access to ask Amanda any questions about being in an art ministry/business related to creating or related to business. She is very open to ideas and suggestions and everything she does in our Creative Community is never boring. I love Amanda's sense of humility, creativity and passion to help others grow artistically. I, too am a self-taught Artist and never went to Art School and that attracted me to Amanda as well. I am an Emerging Artist and just 2 months have grown in my abilities to paint florals loosely with a palette knife and as an Artist in general in all areas. I want to thank you Amanda for your obedience to God to pursue Art and serve others with so much heart.

 by Jeri I.
Creative Community

Amanda has created a great Creative Community. Her videos can be watched at anytime and in any order. Amanda’s teaching style has pushed me past the “perfect” painting to one that is loose, free and a little messy! I’m so glad I joined!

 by Libby

I am so glad I joined the little bluebird creative community in December! The ladies in our tribe are so kind and encouraging! I look forward to each lesson that Amanda shares with us. They are easy to follow and being able to watch at any time is great! Amanda is an amaizing artist and always does fabulous job! She makes it look like magic! Art to me is therapy and brings great joy! One thing I love is being able to start and finish something in one sitting. I am just a beginner and can’t wait to learn more!

 by Sharon Coleman
Love this Group!

I absolutely Love being a part of Amanda’s Creative Community Group! I am learning so many New & Fun techniques from her and Enjoying my Love for Painting even more!! I also Love being able to Share and make new Social Media friends who Enjoy Painting too!

 by Debbie Grove
The Little Bluebird Gallery

I found Amanda because I was looking for a Pallet Knife Painting online class! So glad her site popped up! I am an artist but very much set in my ways! Learning from Amanda’s toutorials has been so good for me! I have made myself do something different and I LOVE it! I love being a part of the group which is always positive and where I find many other artists thinking a lot like I do! Amanda always answers questions quickly and is willing to help us in any way she can! Highly recommend giving this a try, you will be so glad that you did!

 by Julie Conners

So glad that I found Amanda and am a part of the great group of artists. She has brought me some inner peace in tough times and has allowed my shine to come through beautiful art.

 by Rhonda Jordan
Amazing Instruction

So glad I stumbled onto Amanda's art a year or so ago. Joined her site to learn to paint because she made it seem easy for a non-artist to learn. I watch her videos for painting lessons/tips and yet, at the same time, my spirit is always calmed by her voice when I'm having a hectic day. Looking forward to my "first" painting.

 by Elaine King
The Little Bluebird Community Group

So glad I joined The Little Bluebird Community Group. It has been so much fun learning to paint using palette knives. Amanda is a wonderful teacher and so willing to share her painting knowledge and experience with the group. All the lessons are recorded so I can go at my own pace. Happy to be part of this fun, inspiring and supportive group!

 by Angela R
Fun group

Such a fun new technique to try. I was intrigued by the pallet knife paintings and found this group. So glad I joined. Im loving the lessons and Amandas style and teaching.

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