The Bluebird Society

 a monthly membership group helping artists make their creativity profitable



What is the Bluebird Society?

The Bluebird Society is a monthly membership group for like-minded creatives who are ready to sell their work and build a multi-faceted online business that is profitable, practical, and manageable.

Beginning Resources

Members will receive instant access to video training and help on topics like: social media, taking great photos and videos, Etsy and websites, and how to price your artwork.

beginning resources
beginning resources (1)
beginning resources (2)
pricing artwork

New Monthly Resources

In addition to the resources above, we will explore new business related topics each month with new content released each week!

Week 1

Educational Video


Week 2

Assignment or

Guest Speaker

Week 3

Behind the Scenes

In My Business

Week 4

Discussion and

FB Group Check-in

Building and running a multifaceted, online art business is not easy and does not happen overnight.  Just like a bird builds her nest one twig at a time, we have to build our business one layer at a time.


This path of online business success is what I call the Nest Builders Path, and no matter where you are on this journey the Bluebird Society will support you and your dreams.

art business
Art by Amanda Hilburn


If you are new here, I'm Amanda.

I've been selling art, products, prints, and art classes online for almost a decade now. I started out as a homeschooling mom that knew a little bit about blogging, painting, and teaching, and I've grown my online business over the past 10 years into a multifaceted, full-time career that I had no idea was even possible!

I've been doing this for a while now, and I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you!

I can't wait to help your art business soar!