“Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike.” ― John Muir

Pink Roses

The Layers of Beauty collection

This new collection of work is so much more than a few florals paintings.


As I painted each of these blooms, it helped me to begin to come out of a creative low and begin to heal a heavy heart.


These original works of art represent hope, strength, and healing.


Just like our lives, these paintings are full of darks and lights, smooth and rough patches, and so many....layers of beauty.


Take a peek into my studio as I created, "Cheerful". This one emerged in a frenzy of bright and bold colors. Layers and layers of beauty were created in this piece.

There are 11 paintings in this collection. Each one is unique, one of a kind, and full of texture, color, and layers of beauty. These paintings were created with heavy acrylics, thick brush work, palette knife strokes, paper collage, and more!

A Pitcher Full
Shabby Chic Country Girl
Poppy Delight by Amanda Hilburn
Peonies and Polkadots
White Roses by Amanda Hilburn
Pink Roses