Learning To Preserve Flowers For Nature Journals

Well I had recently posted that using Press N Seal to preserve flowers in our nature journals was a great thing…..it’s not so great. It seems that the Press N Seal holds in the moisture and the flower petals seem to get gooshy, turn black, and sort of ooze a bit 🙁

Looks a little gross…

Before using the infamous Press N Seal, we used a method that works better, but is a little more work for Mom. You will need: flowers, wax paper, an iron, an old towel, and scissors.

See how much better this looks!

You just arrange your picked flower on a sheet of wax paper. Put another sheet of wax paper on top. Cover the paper with an old towel and iron away. Once the wax is sealed around the flower, cut it out and tape it in your journal.

You can also add things like glitter, crayon shavings, leaves, feathers, or sand to the area around the flowers for extra fun.

Here are a couple of links that are helpful:
Flower Press
Garden Guides

2 Responses

  1. Cindie

    Thanks for the update, Amanda! I’m going to see how the Contact paper works for us. I might be going back to wax paper too. I just don’t iron… ever. I don’t even know if mine still works! LOL!

  2. Amanda

    That’s why I wanted the Press N Seal to work! I hate to iron, too. LOL!