A Look at Great Peace Academy’s Homeschool Planner

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(Disclosure: I have received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. These opinions expressed are my own.)

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Every year I like to use some sort of homeschool planner to keep track of our studies. Sometimes I’ve just used a lined notebook. I’ve made my own spread sheet on my computer. I’ve bought ready made teacher planners. I’ve tried several different things and have made them work for me. However, this year I’ve been given the privilege of reviewing a teacher planner designed by Renee over at Great Peace Academy.

This planner is great for many reasons (which I will get to one at a time)!

First of all it’s just so pretty 🙂  There are flowers and colors and happiness on every page. I’m a visual person so this matters to me. Here’s an example of one of the calendar spreads.


The planner is a downloadable eBook and must be printed and either bound or put into a 3-ring binder. I chose to use a 3-ring binder because that’s just what was easy for me. I can also rearrange pages if it’s loose in a binder, and I liked that idea.

Another thing I liked about this planner is that here are plenty of “NOTES” pages that I can use for making lists and keeping up with ideas that I have throughout the year. This year, I plan to use my planner as more of an “after the fact” record keeper. I’ll use it more like a journal/planner. I want to have a basic idea of what we will be studying each week, but won’t over plan with times, dates, and page numbers. I believe that this planner will work well as a journal/planner or a more detailed planner.


There also other great pages to record field trips, service projects, and special projects. I’ve been a slacker with keeping up with these things in the past so I’m excited about having this way to keep record of special events and projects.

There are also these great reading log pages to record books read by each child.


These are all printables so you could print as many of these reading logs as you might need for each child.

The weekly planning pages cover July of 2014 through June of 2015. There is an “at a glance” type calendar with all the months on one page. Then each month is displayed in a two page spread, and each week is in a two page spread with 6 columns for subjects across the top and Monday – Friday listed down the left side (your basic planner set up).

I’m saving my favorite part for last…..My favorite part of this planner is the “Family Statement of Purpose” page. I had recently told my husband that I need to write down why we do what we do so that during the school year I can look back at it and renew my mind. It’s a simple lined page in the planner, but I know it will become the most important one to me as the school year progresses.

 (Our Family Statement of Purpose: As Christian parents, our number one responsibility is to train our children to live Christian lives and go to Heaven. [Eph. 6:1-4 & Prov. 22:6] Homeschooling is the way we choose to teach our children academically, spiritually, and give them the tools they will need to live a Godly life in an ungodly world. [Matt. 5:16])


If you need a planner for the up coming year, I highly recommend Great Peace Academy’s Homeschool Planner. Renee has done a great job putting this together. Just click on the photo below to get yours today and get organized!