Nature Studies

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WARNING: Those of you who know me personally will be quite shocked by this post. LOL!!! It appears that homeschooling will cure arachnophobia, ophidiophobia, and insectophobia! Who knew??

 Okay…this is living on our front porch, and I have not killed it. This is quite unusual for me since I am not known for being a fan of things that are creepy-crawly! 

Whew! Is he creepy or what?

Sister was trying to get a dead moth to stick to the enormous spider web so that she could, “Watch him eat it!” I’m sorry to say that it did not work….

AND…. Yes, we now have a pet snake! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
I know I’ve either lost my mind or have reached some sort of  breakthrough! LOL 

He is a hog-nose snake and is very “harmless”, so I am told.

His name is Chester and he lives in a little cage…. with a lid….. on our porch…. OUTSIDE (for now)!
 Since we had a live specimen on hand, I thought we’d do some nature journaling for science.
Brother’s page.

Sister’s page.

Mom’s page (yes, I decided to start my own journal to help encourage the kids and set a good example….actually I love doing it! It’s really fun.)
While we were outside drawing Chester the snake this praying mantis was watching us from above.

Also creepy….but very interesting. They can turn their heads! It is very cool… in a weird sort of way.

4 Responses

  1. 2BoysMama

    You are definitely braver than I am, I couldn’t not have a snake anywhere near the house although my children would love it. Looks fun though.

  2. Amanda

    Lots of creepy things…just in time for Halloween, I guess 🙂

    Oh, and since it will be rather cold tonight, we now have the snake INSIDE the house Ahhhhh!!!! LOL!!

  3. Melissa

    I am so into insects, bugs, spiders, etc. The preying mantis has me jealous, I’ve never seen one around our home (at least not any huge green ones – we have some insects that I think are some form of mantis).

    Cool snake.