New Technique!

This is my new piece called WINGS OF LOVE. It’s an experiment of sorts. I love the look of texture on a canvas, but had never tried using paper to do it. I’ve mixed flour in paint to give some of my pieces a little bit of extra thickness in certain places, but this is totally different. 
1. The first thing I did was pour Mod Podge directly on the blank canvas and spread it out as evenly as possible. 
2. Then I took a piece of crinkled up tissue paper (like the kind you use in a gift bag) and stuck it to the Mod Podge. Letting it crinkle and bubble is important. That’s what makes the texture when it dries.
3. Next, I painted the entire canvas white with some blue and brown here and there, and did a sponged outline of the wings. You can’t use a brush at this point because the tissue will tear. I let it dry overnight before I did any details. That’s a LOT of layers!! 
4. The next day I painted all the details with a thin brush and splatter painted some turquoise paint on the wings. The last thing I did was glue on the roses and rhinestones. 
I’m super excited about this new technique! I really like the way it turns out…all crinkled and 3-D. This is just another example of how you can teach yourself! Here’s a link to a pin on Pinterest that got me interested in trying this:
 (Here’s the Etsy link if you’re interested in this piece:

2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    This is so neat! I love it!

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much!