One Of My Struggles

We All Have Struggles

I like to find inspiring Bible verses, quotes, and ideas to share with others. I love adding them to my artwork  to enhance the meaningfulness of each piece. However, I’ve found that instead of making these little encouragement graphics to help others….which was my original intent…..they end up being what I need to hear at the moment. This new piece is one of those ideas that I thought might help someone else, but has in turn been exactly what I needed to remind myself.

I struggle with self confidence and especially self doubt. Promoting my artwork is so hard for me because I am really promoting myself and am constantly putting myself in situations that I would naturally avoid.

I only have two choices. I can choose to push through these fears or drop it all and quit.

Well….I am not quitting, and I want to encourage you as well!

Whatever your struggle may be, remember that you are a beautiful soul, created by God!

You have potential far beyond your own limiting imagination!  🙂

This 8×8 print is a reminder of your amazing potential!

God made you and you are capable of so much more than you know!

You can now purchase this print here: FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE PRINT