Original Art and Art Lessons

In this video, I discuss something that I believe is a very confusing topic for a lot of emerging artists. How do you make original art and how do you keep from copying your art teacher?  I give you my thoughts on originality and art lessons.

When you learn from an artist, you are learning shortcuts for things that they have done over and over again. You have to make a lot of art, a lot of mistakes, and be willing to use a lot of supplies to get to a point where you are creating original work.

No one can teach you a step by step lesson that will produce an original painting. Originality comes from your ability to make decisions based on your own past experience. It comes from your own choices, but you have to be brave and actually make those decisions.

So why take classes if you can’t use them as your own ideas and sell the art you make?

Because teachers offer inspiration, techniques, motivation, and big doses of encouragement that you need in order to develop the free and fearless decisions you have to make in order to create your best work!

I can’t create the uniqueness for you, but I can help you find ways to extract your own style and use it fearlessly!

If you’d like help with creating original art that you love, join us in my Creative Community! While I do teach step by step tutorials, I also encourage you to use the techniques I teach and eventually make your own choices. I believe it is so important for you to be encouraged to do it YOUR way!

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