Our Little Helpers

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Yesterday we had lots of chores to do around the house. Brother decided to help Dad and Sister helped me. Before we got started I had no idea that they would be so much REAL help! We got a lot done really fast and the kids felt so good about being able to help us. (Of course, we gave them A LOT of praise while they worked.)

As a result of their eagerness to help us…Brother now officially owns our push-mower! He is so excited about it too! He cut the entire back yard by himself and part of the side yard. Then he washed the mower!! LOL!!

Sister surprised me and loaded the dishwasher all by herself! FOR REAL! I was cleaning the bathroom while she unloaded and re-loaded the thing! I was impressed. She also washed all the mirrors, glass doors, and swept off the porch for me.

Sister tried pushing the mower, but decided it was not any fun. 🙂