Outdoor Play

bike girl

I have had a long stretch of artist block due to…let’s see…



family illnesses,


home schooling,

spider infestations (don’t even ask!).

It’s just all that adult stuff that builds up and makes you want to hide in your blanket fort in the living room and pretend you are 7 instead of 37 years old. Ha!

Being outside, riding my bike, or sitting on our porch rocker is the best way I have found to de-stress, refresh, and clear my head.

It’s simple, really. Being outside is good for us. A quick internet search will bring up countless articles about the benefits of being outside in God’s creation. Here are just a couple of the many that I found: Health Benefits of Outdoor Play; Health Benefits of Nature

My most recent paintings are inspired by outdoor play, and I hope you like them. I predict that I will be doing more paintings similar to this in the very near future!


swing girl

Feeling stressed? Get outside today! It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 87 years old!  God-made is always better than man-made. Get out there 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Janice

    I knew there was a reason why I liked being outside. Although I am _2 years old I imagine being 7. Then body starts to ache and I am quickly brought back to my real age. RATS !!!!!!!

    • amanda