Painted Rocks

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Painting rocks and hiding them all over town has become a VERY popular pastime in our area! I mean, people are serious about this painted rock finding thing, y’all! LOL

I have painted a few with friends, and I’ve found a few at our library and post office.  It’s lots of fun!

Here are a few supplies other than your normal craft paint, brushes, and rocks that I highly recommend if you are painting your own little masterpieces! These are affiliate links that take you directly to Amazon where you can order these items.

Paint markers! These things are awesome with a capital A!

Some awesome inspirational books to get your creative juices flowing!

Jelly Roll Pens that make tiny little details easy!

Finishing spray or gel medium to seal and protect!


I’ve had fun painting these, but I hadn’t really taken it seriously or thought about offering them for sale until today.

I shared a photo of some of my rocks and had such a great response on social media that I created a custom order link here in my shop!

I’m excited about this new idea and am looking forward to painting the orders that are coming in! If you’d like to design your own little painting with me, just click on the button below to get started! 


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