Painting Faces and Feminine Figures

This month in The Little  Bluebird Creative Community, we are painting faces, feminine figures, and a whimsical mixed media girl!

I love creating loose and whimsical faces and figures with a palette knife. Allowing myself to be messy and have fun is what I love most about painting this way. It’s supposed to look imperfect! This form of art is full of texture and flaws that become a beautiful mess on canvas. Isn’t that what most of life is anyway? A beautiful mess….


Here’s a fun time lapsed video of a small portion of the tutorial for painting faces with a palette knife.

Here’s an example of a whimsical mixed media girl that we will work on this month!

I’d love for you to join in the fun!

Here are a few more samples of the many painting tutorials in the group. It’s so much more than just painting faces.


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Right now there are over 40 painting lessons in the members area, and I add new ones every week…. PLUS videos on palette knife basics, how to use my favorite supplies and more!!

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