Painting Rose Buds and Stems

I’ve been painting a lot of roses recently and am beginning to see some patterns. For instance, not every petal has to be perfect for the viewer to think that it is. As long as you have an accurate stem painted in, they may focus more on the realistic qualities rather than what might seem like wonky petals in other areas. That’s just one example of what I’m finding in my own process. If you want me to share any others with you or are interested in learning how to paint your own rose paintings yourself, let me know! 
I hope these insights and tips have helped you to think about your own process and how it can be improved. If you want to join me in my workshop, just click the link below! You’ll learn some of what I’ve learned as well as get a chance to paint with me! It will be fun and relaxing so don’t hesitate any longer.
For this stem I used sap green, white, and burn umber.
Hope you enjoy!
Use in Wandering, Wondershare Filmora