Painting With A Palette Knife: White Flowers

Painting with A Palette Knife


Painting with a palette knife is my very favorite way to paint. It allows me to be loose and create sharp, bold lines of color while also creating texture on the canvas.

Watch as I create white flowers with heavy bodied acrylic paint and a palette knife. Painting white flowers can be a challenge since you may feel like you don’t know what to use other than….well, white!  When you play and experiment with paint, you’ll find that color is not always what you think. Light creates shadows and hues that you may not notice in your everyday life. I encourage you to try painting a white flower and use colors (like blue) to give it more depth. Just play with paint and see what happens! There are not mistakes, just learning experiments!


This video was first recorded as a Facebook live video on my Facebook page:

Also, I mention a resource for finding royalty free photos for painting inspiration in this video. That website is:

If this is something you’d like to try, head over and join my new group for beginners! We paint a new design each month using a palette knife! Find out more here: Palette Knife Painting For Beginners

You can see this finished painting and all of my original art here in my shop: Art Shop

Hope you enjoy watching and you’ll be inspired to try it!

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  1. Phyllis

    I enjoy watching you so much.

  2. Catherine J

    Thank you, Amanda..