Painting With A Palette Knife

Learn about palette knives and how I use them!

Painting With A Palette Knife

“What is that thing you are painting with?”

“I need to learn how to use one of those things you paint with.”

These are some of the comments I get when I share videos of myself painting with a palette knife. Palette knife painting is so much fun. It allows you to be very loose and paint in a more relaxed style, which I love!

Florals look somewhat abstract and streaks, drips, and scrapes abound with palette knife painting.

I’ve learned a few tricks and short cuts with mixing my paints and applying the right amount of pressure when you swipe your knife across the surface. I enjoy teaching my students these little tips and watching them progress. It takes practice and some trial and error, but once you get started, it’s addictive! All that messy goodness is just so much fun to create.

Floral painting by Amanda Hilburn using a palette knife.

Here’s a little video with some information about palette knives and how I use them. I hope it helps those of you who are interested in learning more about this technique.

An Introduction To Painting With A Palette Knife



I also have this little tutorial on painting florals. This is my most popular blog post on Pinterest. I think you’ll enjoy learning to use a palette knife to create flowers.

How to paint abstract florals with a palette knife.

Here’s a list of all of my favorite supplies! You can see links to them all here on this page. I have everything from palette knives to printers listed here with links for you to click and order.

These things make me happy 🙂

A list of all of my favorite supplies.

And if you’d like to learn even more about painting with a palette knife and creating mixed media art…join us in The Little Bluebird Creative Community! I create new video tutorials each month based on a theme like: birds, barns, cotton, and florals. You also get to ask me anything in a live video chat once a month AND get exclusive access to the Vault (that’s a secret page with every single video tutorial that I have EVER created!!!) We have a private Facebook group where members chat with each other, share their paintings, and ask questions. It’s an awesome environment full of support and encouragement. I do hope you’ll consider joining us.