Palette Knife Painting-Sharing My Secret

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Palette Knife Painting

I love palette knife painting. I mean….truly love it. Why do I love it so much? Palette knife painting is messy. It’s fun, and it’s full of texture. I’ve tried so many ways to get the look of loose, messy, and textured paintings, but nothing works better than a palette knife.

However, you need to know this. The paint you use is very important. Palette knives work best with thick paint that will cling to the knife and mound up like little hills of texture on your canvas. The best paint to use for this is heavy bodied acrylic paint….hands down! You can see my favorite brand here: Heavy Bodied Acrylic

The heavy bodied paints are the best, but they don’t really come in a huge variety of colors. I’ve tried several different kinds of paint and mediums over the years, and I’ve found a little trick that works so well and saves you money, time, and the stress of trying to mix paint to get the color you really want.

Watch this video (originally recorded live on my Facebook page), and I’ll give you the secret ingredient to using less expensive paint to create beautiful textured palette knife paintings.


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