Polka Dot Pumpkin Mixed Media Art Tutorial with Palette Knife

Fall is a wonderful time of the year with the amazing colors, cooler temperatures, and of course, pumpkins! Isn’t it amazing the number of colors that we can find pumpkins? I was just observing at the local hardware store pumpkins that are white, yellow, green, light green and of course orange. This fun polka dot pumpkin is so simple to make, and makes a perfect addition to any home for the autumn season. You too can paint it, just follow this tutorial below.

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Free Art Lesson Polkadot Pumpkin Mixed Media Art Tutorial with Palette Knife | The Little Bluebird Gallery artbyamandahilburn.com #arttutorial #art #homeschool #creatives #ihsnet

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Wasn’t that fun! Now it’s your turn. You can paint this Polka Dot Pumpkin for your own home or as a gift for others. 


Items needed to complete this Polkadot Pumpkin project.