Pretty Painted Pumpkins Video Instructions


I love to paint and not just on canvas. I recently decided to turn some old plastic pumpkins into pretty painted pumpkins. I love the cottage style, and I also love the more neutral colors for fall that are popular right now, so this idea worked well in our home decor.

These little pumpkins were already painted white when I got started on them. I painted them white a few years ago when I was first introduced to the beautiful variety of colors that pumpkins can be. This year I decided to add a little something more. I used a palette knife to paint some pretty pink flowers on top of one of the white pumpkins. I also painted a few rocks to add to the decor, and it turned out so sweet. The finished tray is simple to arrange. It’s just an artificial hydrangea, a little moss, the plastic pumpkins, and the rocks that I painted up.

Here’s the video with all the fun details on how I painted the pumpkins. This was recorded live on my Facebook page where I share fun creative ideas. I hope it inspires you to do something for fall to make your home a little more cozy.